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Karina Keeper of @1GuidedSpirit

Karina Keeper of @1GuidedSpirit

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Meet Mexica Curanderismo Resident Practitioner, Karina, keeper of @1GuidedSpirit.

“I’m passionate about learning, connecting with people, and making a difference in the world. My practice consists of holding space for sacred ceremonies such as Cacao Journeys, Kambo, Tobacco Purifications, Flower Sweeps, Hapé, and so much more.”

It would be an honor serving you:

Free 30 min Consultation: Platica to connect and see if moving forward will be a good fit for us. 30 min | $0

Flower Sweep: Floral sweep to sweeten your frequency raise the vibration calling in good vibes. 30 min | $50

Tobacco Purification: Organic Puro Tobacco purification/Energetic reset and deep healing. 1h| $60

Hapé purification 1 on 1: Must have gone through consultation protocols. Deep energetic reset 30 min | $77

Cacao 1 on 1: Cacao sit Heart opening deep meditation. 1 h 30 min | $111

Kambo: Consist of Kambo, Hapé & Sananga. Morning appt more suggested. 2 h 5 min | $175

Energetic Alignment Body work: Energetic alignment for recalibration. 1 h 30 min | $111

Private Ceremony: In the confort of your home, consists of Kambo, Baños, Hapé, and a light meal. Integration counseling included. Must have had a consultation and signed consent. Followed all protocol agreements 5h |  $555

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