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Metaphysical Boutique & Healing Arts Center
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Kundalini Dub Sessions: Wednesday, July 31st
Kundalini Dub Sessions: Wednesday, July 31st

Kundalini Dub Sessions: Wednesday, July 31st

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Join Us for "Kundalini Dub Sessions"

Experience a transformative 1.5-hour journey at Holistic Vibez:

Event Highlights:

  • Yoga of Awareness: Immerse yourself in 1 hour of Kundalini Yoga, integrating breathwork, mantras, kriyas, meditations, and mudras for heightened mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Extended Savasana Sound Journey with Ajna Light Technology: Explore a 30-minute deep meditation guided by gentle light frequencies. The Ajna Light, developed in 2014 by visionary Guy Harriman, invites exploration of an intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe. Set within a gold capstone Tesla Plate field, this rare light technology utilizes intentional frequencies to facilitate deep meditative states, offering transformative experiences unique to each individual—often resulting in joy, connection, peace, and bliss.

  • Sound Experience: Discover the diverse spectrum of Intentional Soundscapes! Each event offers a unique experience, ranging from ambient DJ sets to immersive journeys with Plantwave, 432Hz Singing Bowls, and beyond. Explore a world of sonic discovery and soulful resonance with us.

IMPORTANT: Not recommended for individuals with epilepsy or taking prescription antipsychotic medication. Please refrain from alcohol consumption with the Ajna Light.

What to Bring: An open mind, a comfort item (yoga mat or blanket), a water bottle, and optionally, a journal and pen. Dress comfortably for movement and relaxation.

Reserve Your Spot: Secure $35 pre-sale tickets until 12 am. Tickets are $45 on event day. The first 10 sign-ups receive a free Chakra Scan with a PDF report ($25 value).

About Sacred Liiight: A collaboration between Evelyn of Sacred Healing Sessions and Dru Ali of Liiightspace, Sacred Liiight integrates ancient practices, modern techniques, and innovative technologies to foster mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and positivity.

"We're excited to share our journey with light technologies and grateful for the love and support that has enabled us to explore and share these benefits with more communities!" - Evelyn and Dru Ali, transformational artists of Sacred Liiight.


Participant Experiences:

  • "I had such a beautiful experience with the vibrational light and sound therapy! I wasn't sure what to expect but I went in with an open mind and received a lot of downloads... S. Chen"
  • "As a combat veteran, I’ve been in search of different ways of getting better. It's really difficult to describe just how powerful their healing modality is. The first time I went under the Ajna light, I was telling people that this is what it must feel like right before we are born... J. Rodriguez"

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